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Simon XT is a full-featured home security platform that delivers years of dependable, secure protection.

It employs advanced wireless technology that eliminates the mess and expense of running wires to detectors and sensors. This allows quick and easy installation as well as flexible placement of Simon XT around the house.


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Is Your Home Secure?

GE Security Authorized DealerAccording to the FBI, a burglary occurs in the United States every 10 seconds. A property crime occurs every 3 seconds.

While most American homes have TV's, VCR's, stereo systems etc., only about 5-8% of all private homes have a security system. Most of our customers call us after they have been broken into..

Police chiefs throughout the country feel that a home with a security system provides a significant deterrent to intruders. Studies reveal that homes not protected by burglar alarm systems experience a break-in rate that is 600% greater.


If you are concerned about the level of security in your home, Axis Security Group can help.


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